Do I need climate controlled self storage?

What are the pros and cons of climate controlled self storage, and when you would need it?

When thinking about renting a storage space you may have simply looked at the prices and chosen the cheapest. However, what you may not have considered is if the items you are wanting to store would seriously benefit from a climate controlled unit instead. You may not even be completely sure on what a climate controlled unit is and how/why it would benefit you. Luckily, we are here to tell you the pros and cons, and when you would need climate controlled self storage.

When would I need climate controlled self storage?

Whether you are renting a unit for personal or business use, there are probably a few items which would really benefit from a climate controlled unit. Sensitive items which are more susceptible to mold growth, damp damage, high humidity, warping and general wear and tear from the change in temperature will keep their original condition in a climate controlled unit. This is because the units monitor the temperature and humidity levels and create a consistent temperature to protect your belongings. Appliances such as air conditioning can help with this in standard units – mainly in the summer months –  but not to the level of a climate controlled unit.

The pros of climate controlled units

Protects against the weather changes

Standard storage facilities are not made to protect against extreme temperatures. In basic terms, in the cold weather, the unit will be freezing and, in the summer the unit will be stuffy and warm. This can damage certain items you may be storing such as antique wooden furniture, important documents, musical instruments and vinyl records. Having a temperature controlled storage unit will guarantee that the temperature is kept consistently above freezing and below 80 or 90 degrees. This will protect the items against mold damage in the winter from damp and cold, and also warping damage in the summer from the high temperatures.

Better air quality

Better air quality might not be the top priority on your list, but if you are planning on storing sensitive, priceless and/or expensive items the air quality can affect how well they keep their condition. Standard storage units are not sealed in the same way climate controlled units are and some standard units can be placed outside whilst climate controlled units are indoors. 

Climate controlled storage units continuously circulate the air, resulting in the air remaining clean. This means you won’t have to spend time having to visit your unit just to let some fresh air in. Storing your items in a climate controlled unit will keep them in a better condition as the air is cleaner and prevents bacteria from collecting on your things.

Better protected

As the climate controlled units are typically placed indoors with better sealing on their doors, walls and roof – some even with insulation – this means your things will be better protected. They are less susceptible to flooding, dirt build up and infestations such as dust mites, rats and insects etc. They are also better at protecting against dust build up and debris due how the unit is sealed. All these will benefit your belongings and mean you can leave them unattended for a long period of time without having to come and clean them. Your things should be in the same condition they were in before you left them.

Peace of mind

Knowing that your belongings are kept in a temperature and humidity controlled environment will give you that peace of mind you have been looking for. You will be able to continue on with your day to day business without worrying if your items are going to last in the extreme heat or freezing cold. Returning to find your stuff warped and cracked is never great, and having to constantly visit your storage unit can take time out of your day that you may need. But with a climate controlled unit you can relax and visit the unit whenever you feel like it rather than having to worry.

The cons of climate controlled units

Although all the above may sound great, there is one drawback – the price. A climate controlled storage unit can cost quite a bit more than the standard units. However, if you are wanting to protect very valuable items that may get damaged by the change in temperatures, then the extra money you spend on rent may be worth it to protect them. On the flip side, if you are only looking for a storage unit for a short period of time, it may be worth looking at your options and seeing if the extra rent would be worth it.

We offer a vast amount of different sizes, outdoor and indoor, and climate controlled storage units. We suggest looking at our prices and discovering which type of storage unit would be the best for you – whether that be climate controlled or not! Remember, you can always contact us if you have any further questions or queries.

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