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Moving home can be a tricky time, made harder if you're not moving straight away and need a place to store your items. Check out our advice in this blog.

Moving home can be a tricky time. This can be made especially tricky if you are not moving into your new home straight away and need a place to store your items. Maybe you haven’t given storage spaces much thought when looking into places to temporarily keep your things. However, many storage units offer a temporary or shorter contract length which is a perfect solution to self-storage for moving homes.

Moving home storage solutions: The types of storage

The first thing you are going to be looking for is a temporary (sometimes called short term contract) storage space. This will allow you to hire the unit for the time you need it, rather than committing to a full length contract which you won’t use after you have moved home. The next thing you will need to research is the types of storage spaces that are available. You may not be aware of the different amenities some units offer, so it’s important to look around and have the correct information.

Indoor vs outdoor storage

Many storage facilities will offer indoor or outdoor units, a handful of them offering both. However figuring out which is the best for you can seem difficult. In our blog on “indoor vs outdoor storage units: a comparison” we have put together a comprehensive list of the pros and cons of each. However, the mains ones are as follows:

Indoor pros

  • Privacy and security, such as needing a code to enter the premises
  • High protection from pests
  • Better protection from the weather and external factors
  • Climate control options
  • Has a range of sizing options

Indoor cons

  • Restricted access to unit – not 24/7
  • Slower access to unit as opposed to quick drive up storage
  • Climate control options usually restricted to certain size units
  • Large indoor storage spaces are hard to come by
  • Indoor units tend to be more expensive
  • Cannot store vehicles

Outdoor pros

  • A range of items can be stored including vehicles 
  • Quick and easy access – especially drive up units
  • 24 hour surveillance 
  • A gated and locked premises
  • Larger unit sizes available
  • Flexible renting options
  • Generally more affordable

Outdoor cons

  • Less privacy
  • Lack of climate control options 
  • Poor lighting at night time
  • Electricals and vehicles need more protection if stored long term

Climate controlled units

Climate control is an amenity that can be added onto certain units for an extra charge. The way this works is the unit will then be able to stabilise its temperature to reduce heat and humidity in the warmer months, and heighten the temperature in the colder months. This is an especially great option when storing items such as liquid, furniture that may be subject to mold like woods, electronics, and any important documents that you would not like to get damp. Climate control helps to better protect the storage space against the elements. Indoor spaces naturally do a better job of defending against weather changes than outdoor spaces, but the climate control option gives you a better peace of mind.

Drive-up access

Storage units that offer drive-up access are usually only outdoor spaces. Having the ability to do this could be a lifesaver when moving home. This means that you can simply drive up to the unit in your vehicle or rental truck (if you have one) and drop off/collect your things. This is such a huge time saver when packing and loading several of your storage items over and over to your new home.

Self storage for moving: what size?

It’s hard to know exactly how big you will need the storage space to be, especially when most, if not all, storage facilities express the sizes in measurements. How do you know if a 5×5 is going to fit in all of your belongings? Most people just take a gamble. However we have a handy storage tool that will allow you to compare the sizes with a visual representation of just how big it is. You can also find examples of what you can place into the different size spaces in our article on “what size storage unit do I need?”. These two useful links should help you to decide which unit would be the best fit for you and your things. To break it down briefly, a small unit – 5×5 – will fit in a few boxes and items as it is similar to the size of a closet. If you have a larger, walk-in closet, and it’s only those things you need to store, 5×10 should do the trick. 5×15 can hold the contents of a small bedroom. 10×10 can usually store the contents of 2 bedrooms, or one full living room/dining room. 10×20 and 10×15 are typically the biggest sizes and can store pretty much all items from a house, give or take a few things.

Contract lengths

Some storage facilities will only offer long term storage, so storing your items temporarily would not be an option, unless you don’t mind paying for an empty unit after your move. However, there are some – particularly outdoor storage spaces – that do offer shorter and temporary contracts. These types of contracts are perfect for people looking to store their things just while they are moving house. At East Bank Storage we know how hard it can be to find storage spaces on shorter contracts, and that is why we offer month to month contracts so you can choose the best length for you!

Where East Bank Storage can help you

We have locations in Chicago and Milwaukee with great security and benefits. Keep reading to find out more.

Milwaukee moving and storage

We have two locations in of Milwaukee – the East side and the West side. Both of these storage spaces offer month to month contracts, perfect for people moving house. They both have 24 hours surveillance, free parking and covered docks. Our East side facility also has climate control options for those who are wanting it, and a truck rental so you don’t need to shop around looking for reliable moving companies and moving services.

Chicago moving and storage

In Chicago we have three locations, Lake Street, Ohio Street, and Bridgeport. Again, all three of our locations offer 24 hour surveillance, free parking, covered docks, and month to month leases. Any one of these locations would be perfect for temporary storage for moving home. Lake Street and Ohio Street both also have the option of adding climate control to your unit for the more perishable items. Although our Bridgeport location does not offer climate control, it does have a truck rental system which makes moving house that little bit easier!

To find out even more about our locations and the other benefits they offer, take a look at our self storage comparison chart. If you have any further questions regarding short term rental or even long term rental, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

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