Pod vs Storage Unit: How do they compare?

Both pods and storage units are great choices for storing your belongings, but how do the two compare, and which one would be best for you?

When looking to store your items, whether that be to help with moving house or business, or maybe just to have a clear out, you may have noticed the option of storage pods, or storage units. Both are great choices for storing your belongings, but how do the two compare, and which one would be best for you?


Despite the name, pods are not as small as they may sound. They are, put simply, portable storage units. These can either be delivered to your house by the storage company, or picked up by yourself. They tend to stay on your driveway, or the street/somewhere close by to your house if you do not have a driveway, and then the pod is picked up once you have filled the storage space, or to be moved to your next location if you are moving home or business. This makes pods super convenient for short term storage, especially when you are in the middle of a move. However, before renting a pod check your local laws to make sure they can be kept on your driveway/street etc.

The pros of pods:

  • Delivery and pick up of pods make it easier for you to fill the pod without worrying about moving it once complete
  • Access to the pod is 24/7 as this will be placed close to your house (until it is picked up once full)
  • An easy way to move your belongings to the next location. No need to hire a moving company, just fill up the pod and ship it off. This makes the moving process so much easier
  • A great space for short term temporary storage that you don’t need much access to

The cons of pods:

  • They come in a few different sizes but not as big as traditional self storage spaces. The biggest size is typically 16’x8’x8’
  • Security could be an issue. As the pod is placed close by to your house, it will be your own responsibility to keep an eye on your things. Once the pod is picked up and placed at the facility, security may not be as thorough as storage units
  • Once the pod has been collected the access is sometimes restricted to certain times of the day, meaning you will have to plan to access your items
  • If renting for the long term, pods are much more expensive than storage units
  • Does not come with climate control options so valuable, perishable items should not be left in too long as the change in temperature and humidity could cause damages

Storage units

Storage units come in multiple sizes. Some are solely outdoor facilities, whilst some offer indoor ones with climate control as an add on. They are the most popular choice for storing items long term.

The pros of storage units:

  • A good variation of unit sizes, meaning you can pay for exactly what you need space wise
  • Indoor and outdoor options for you to choose from. Climate control can be added onto most indoor units to keep your belongings in pristine condition
  • Security typically around the clock so you know your items are safe
  • They have a good choice of amenities. Most storage facilities offer different amenities which you can choose from
  • Saves space on your driveway. If you choose a facility that is close to you, this may be more convenient and space saving 
  • Many facilities offer 24/7 access through the use of keypads and private codes to gain entry

The cons of storage units:

  • They are not portable. If you are using a storage space for moving, you may need to hire a moving company to help you get your things from the unit
  • Access may not be 24/7. As storage facilities are run by a business with security, some may not allow access to your unit at all times. This means you would have to wait to gain access to your belongings

Both pods and storage units are good in their own way

Depending on what you are renting a storage unit for, both pods and self storage have their positives and negatives. If you are looking for something short term and portable, pods could be the best answer. If you are looking for a large space that you can access when you please, traditional storage units could benefit you more.
If you are still thinking about your storage options, have a look at our help and advice page for all your self storage needs!

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