How Self Storage Can Help Improve Your Business

We all know the benefits of self storage for homeowners, such as moving house or keeping hold of treasured valuables, antiques and special items, but what about businesses?

We all know the benefits of self storage for homeowners, such as moving house or keeping hold of treasured valuables, antiques and special items, but what about businesses?

If you have a business, no matter what type, size or stage you’re at, you’ll be surprised to hear that you could benefit from using self storage. If you’re thinking of using self storage for your business, or perhaps you’re yet to be convinced, here’s our list of the best ways self storage can help improve your business.

It’s Cost Effective
Self storage gives your business the opportunity to grow, without the financial commitment of larger premises. Often, business owners invest in self storage during a period of growth, allowing them more space (for storing non-daily use items) without having to rent more offices or workshops.

It’s Flexible
Renting self storage also means you can ‘flex up’ and down, whenever you need it; meaning your business can grow or reduce in working size more quickly, without the need for a complete relocation.

It Creates More Workable Space
Of course, self storage creates space, but just how important can that be? Using self storage is a great way to shift unused office equipment or machinery that you can’t quite get rid of completely, making more workable space for your business.

This means your regular workspace will effectively be bigger, overnight! With this extra workable space, you can work more efficiently, accommodating more staff or important equipment that increases profit.

Better Organisation
If you take a look at your existing office or workshop, the chances are you’ll have shelving and storage all over the place, haphazardly added as your business needed it. Making use of self storage not only means extra space, but it gives you an opportunity to get your business better organised, with everything arranged in a proper fashion.

No matter what stage your business is at, self storage can act as the ‘fresh start’ your business needs, giving you the chance to tidy up those shelves and finally clear out that paperwork cupboard.

Instant Warehousing
Warehousing is an important part of most retail businesses, as well as those that manufacture and ship products. Self storage can be used as an ‘easy in’, instant warehousing facility for your stock.

Extra Security
Storage facilities usually have excellent security features, including CCTV and on-site staff, which means your business can benefit from better protection, without the added cost.

If you think about the costs it would take to bring your existing office, workshop or industrial unit up to the same level of security as self-storage, such as adding CCTV, alarms and 24/7 guards, you’ll quickly understand it’s an unrealistic exercise!

If you need to store items that are valuable, or confidential, then self storage is perfect for your business as it offers maximum protection, convenience and value for money.

It Can Make Moving Premises A Breeze
If you do decide that your business needs to move, whether that’s up or downsizing, don’t dismiss the idea of self storage. As with all types of property move, using self storage for your business during a relocation can help free up space, speed things up and potentially save money.

By moving smaller items and loose items to storage in advance your business can relocate without stress, saving money in the process, as removal firms should be able to move your larger items such as computers, copiers or machinery much more quickly. After they have finished, you’re free to bring in any items you need from storage at your leisure, without the usual deadline-induced headaches.

Thinking About Self Storage For Your Business?

Good! You’ll be making one of the best business decisions of your life, freeing up space and letting your business grow. Speak to our team for help and advice, designed to help you find the right size and type of storage for your business.

We have storage of all sizes in Milwaukee and Chicago, including covered units, 24/7 access and high security self storage.

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